The company owner is a breast cancer survivor and cosmetologist. She is now using her gifts to help others battling cancer and other ailments deal with the devastation of hair loss.   With the use of this site, and many other apps,  we can connect with you worldwide.  If you need a personal consultation,  Skype and Facetime are also great ways to chat.

A note from the owner

In December 2005, my life was turned upside down following a biopsy. It was malignant! What a terrifying experience to hear that “C” word. Since then, I have had four surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation.

As a cosmetologist, I have worked with people as they prepare themselves to lose their hair, although there is no way one can ever prepare for that experience. When it happened to me three weeks following my first chemo treatment, I was in the shower. It was devastating! My self-esteem plumeted.

Once I began to feel better, I wanted to find a way to give back by helping others. I remember checking with my insurance company about covering the cost of my wigs and being told by the service person that very few people check on coverage.

I then began checking on how many businesses offer to work with insurance companies. I was shocked and saddened to find that most people cover the cost themselves and so few businesses provide insurance service. Some areas have none.

That is when Wigs Unlimited was born. I currently represent several insurance companies who cover the cost of wigs and am willing to become a representative for your company if I do not already carry that company.

As I became more comfortable wearing my wigs, I realized I could have fun with them. I tried different colors, styles and lengths. At times I was surprised by what looked good, and other times, I found out quickly what did not look good on me!

My hope is that you may do the same. Come in and let us try on a variety of different looks. You never know what you may find!

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