Wigs for Cancer and Chemotherapy patients

midnight You may not think of your hair's importance in your everyday life, until you are faced with the possibility of losing it. If you are diagnosed with cancer and must undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy and the chance of losing your hair is very real. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for lymphoma or cancer can cause hair loss, is a condition called alopecia. This physical change is an additional devastation for someone undergoing the rigorous and physically draining rounds of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

At Wigs Unlimited we specialize in wigs and other head coverings and accessories for hair loss due to cancer and lymphoma therapies. The three most common and comforting ways to deal with hair loss are wigs, hats, and scarves.  It is important to maintain a positive outlook. A healthy body image can help you do just that. Wigs may be covered by your insurance. Call on Wigs Unlimited today and let us help you with your image for a positive outlook.